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Benefits of Natural Based Dishwashing Liquid

When cleansing their home and life, the first alot of people think about adjusting is the food they eat. But it's only part of the equation, it is also necessary to think about our everyday, household cleaning, Especially the liquid you use to wash dishes.

Why Should You Buy Non-Toxic Dishwashing Liquid?

Our skin is semi-permeable and can be an entry points for toxins. If you're using a toxic dish soap and soaking your hands in it several times a day, you could be left vulnerable to health problems.

Toxins found in non-organic dishwashing liquid include artificial  fragrances, formaldehyde, silicone, acrylate, preservatives, and even foaming and coloring agents, just to name a few. Such chemicals are not necessary for clean dishes and they're certainly not good for your health , as some might cause immediate allergic reactions.  Gloves might seem like an easy solution but these chemicals are still toxic to the environment and don't really "go away" rinsed down the drain. 

Choosing Buying the Right Dishwashing Liquid

Chose products with ingredients that are plant-based, as compared to petroleum-based. Most natural based cleaning dishwashing liquid contains ingredients like coconut oil or olive oil. Contrary, toxic dish soap contains harmful synthetic chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate and diethanolamine. Check the label for verbiage such as "warning", "caution", or "danger" – a clear indication it's not completely safe.

Just make sure to find one that is completely natural and non-toxic.

Happy Hands, Happy Washing

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