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The Power of a Multi Purpose Cleaner

Do you own a Multi Purpose Cleaner at home? Are you using it correctly? Are you aware of its possible areas of application?

Specially formulated into a “one product fits all” solution, a Multi Purpose Cleaner has the advantage of high material compatibility as well as a wide range of uses, from all corners of your homes to the interior of your cars.

In the Kitchen:   

  • Stove Top
  • Wall tiles
  • Surfaces around cooking area
  • Cabinet surface
  • Kitchen wash basin
  • Inside refrigerator and microwave oven
  • Surface of all kitchen appliances
  • Using a Multi Purpose Cleaner, one can effectively break down dirt, grease and grime as well as remove food stain and odour. Frequent use of a Multi Purpose Cleaner in the kitchen can also help to reduce ants and cockroaches.

    All you need to do is tosimply set to the required nozzle setting, spray on any surface that requires cleaning and wipe the solution off after a few seconds. Being non-toxic in nature, there is no need for rinsing after use.

    However, its versatility is often overlooked and it is not uncommon to see one limiting the use of a Multi Purpose Cleaner to the kitchen only.

    Why go through the hassle of switching between different products while cleaning different corners of your home when the same Multi Purpose Cleaner can do all the jobs just as well?

    Outside of the kitchen:

  • Table top with glass or wooden surface
  • Mirror
  • Mobile Phone and Computer screen
  • Any furniture surfaces
  • Spot cleaning on any floor surface
  • Toilet Bowl
  • Wash basin
  • Wall tiles in Shower area
  • Glass door/Partition in the bathroom

    On Fabrics:

  • Food stain or blood stain on clothing
  • Wine stain
  • Blood stain on bedsheet/mattress
  • Shoes and Handbags
  •        * Non-abrasive, Non-Toxic and Non-corrosive cleaner

    Other Areas:

  • Pet odour remover
  • Inside automobile
  • (i.e. Seafood or drinks spillage in car, Durian Smell in car)

    Simplify your cleaning routines today with our specially formulated Multi Purpose Cleaner!


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